Dance Equation can provide you with all your Dance and Movement needs. Please take a look below at the different ways we can help you develop dance in your school:

Online classes for schools

Would you like a simple way to engage your children in dance? Our fun and energetic online dance courses are the perfect way to cover your Primary Dance curriculum!

1. Dance Provision

Are you looking for a dance provider for your school?

2. Dance Inset/CPD

Are you looking to boost the confidence of your staff team and identify talent ?

3. Bringing Everyone Together

Are you looking for a novel or inspirational way to celebrate your children’s success? 

Do you want to make learning more active, engaging and memorable?  

4. Develop Dance Delivery

Would you find working alongside a mentor beneficial to you and your children ? 


How about upskilling your current expertise?  

5. Dancing Maths

Did you know Movement Makes Maths Memorable?

Would you like us to visit your School to help you inject fun and energy into maths?

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Here is a small selection of our feedback see our testimonials page for more


Rebecca showed us how to create active and energetic lessons to engage and improve concentration - encouraging the school to have an Active Maths lesson each week. The Stomping times tables will be very useful to develop into our focus on times tables.

Corinna Brown (Extended Services co-ordinator)
Oaktree Lane Primary school, Mansfield
Pictor Special School

“Just wanted to say what a fantastic day we had! The performance was pitched exactly right for our pupils - simple, visual, clear, engaging - and even pupils who normally have very poor attention skills were captivated by it. The girls handled the workshops very skilfully too and throughout the day staff kept giving me very positive feedback. And finally the CPD session was just right for our rather exhausted staff! I`ve certainly got lots of ideas for dance lessons with my class, something which I don`t generally feel very confident about. Back in class my children loved trying to make the number shapes with their bodies, and looking for shapes on the playground.”

Pictor Special School

Children from all year groups, from nursery up to year 6, found the workshops fun, engaging & educational. Their enjoyment throughout the activities and dances was obvious, and they continued to enthuse about their experiences afterwards. The bank of ideas that was left behind, showing a how a range of mathematical concepts can be linked to dance, has been very well-received by staff: many of the activities can be adapted for a wide range of ages, and their simplicity makes for easy and effective teaching!

Emmaville Primary School

Great ideas for using in booster and small groups and will mean equations can be matched to abilities more easily – good way of assessing retention. Also a way of bringing maths into PE sessions. Some of the activities will make great warm up or plenary activities / brain gym idea for warming up. Or for creating break out session to help refocus.This will be a fun way for introducing new units of maths. The detailed hand out are perfect for sharing with staff.

Mrs K. Watson
Head Teacher

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