The benefits

The benefits

Our Dancing Digits programme is beneficial for children in so many ways. Our unique humanistic approach that encourages each individual participant to be fully engaged by connecting their mind and body whilst learning.
We use multi-sensory learning experiences to allow children to draw upon their individual learning styles and get totally immersed in what they are doing – this helps them to make make emotional connections and recall their learning. The perfect start to a life long love of learning!

"The most fun and natural way to develop early mathematical intelligence"

These classes are a great introduction to early maths – the perfect way to help them become ready for school, plus there are many other benefits too. Whether you are a nursery, pre-school or parent, your children, will love these classes.

develop core skills

During our classes, children will develop core movement skills including agility, strength, flexibility, control,  coordination, balance, rhythm, self expression, spatial awareness, musicality and more.

Mathematical intelligence

Our activities support children to develop their early mathematical intelligence. During our classes, they will experience simple maths themes such as number, shape, space and direction – all by bouncing around to music!


wellbeing & confidence

Our classes help children to feel good about themselves. The fun and engaging activities help to motivate children to try things for themselves and learn at their own pace.  This approach gives all children the chance to build confidence and self-esteem.

Embodied learning

Children love to move and explore the world around them with their body.  Our activities harness this natural instinct. Recent research shows that children develop their early mathematical intelligence through their body, so these classes are the perfect way to give your child the best start in maths!

Our humanistic approach

We set up an environment where children can instinctually call upon their multiple intelligences and naturally embody their learning through different channels (including: kinaesthetic, rhythmic, spatial, expressive, social, linguistic, logical, visual).
This multi-learning experience creates subliminal messages and helps the brain to unlock and create long lasting neuron pathways and connections – aiding working memory, short-term and long-term memory. This in turn, makes it easier for children to recall memories and their learning.
As recent research in neuroscience shows – the more connections that are made during learning, the more likely the person will be able to recall and build upon the new information in the learning process.
Our unique formular: MOVEMENT + MUSIC + MATHS helps children to make lots of connections in their brain simultaneously – it really is a great way to give your child a great start for learning now and in the future.


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