Creative Dance For Early Years

Fun and enaging dance for young children

Would you like to offer your children high quality, fun and engaging dance activities?

There are two ways we can help you. We can deliver creative dance sessions live in your setting, or, you can purchase our dance videos for you to use and learn from with your children.

In your nursery

Our experienced leaders will visit your centre on a weekly basis to deliver creative dance sessions for your children. Content is age specific and builds upon learning every week.

The ideal space for the classes to run is a small hall, or empty classroom; however, we can also work in amulti-purpose room, as long as there is enough clear space and the children can move freely.
Each class lasts for 30 minutes and we can work with a specific age group ( 1-2 yrs, 2-3 yrs or preschool - 3 & 4 yrs). Content is relevant to the children's age and ability and aligned to the Early Learning and Development goals in the EYFS framework.

Packages We offer different packages that correspond with the number of children and the age groups in your setting. We cater for up to 20 children at a time and the sessions are fully inclusive. You can ask us to deliver between 2 and 5 classes per visit in a block of 6 or 12 weeks. You can also try a one-off session before booking a block.

Dance class videos

Our action packed, dance class videos are the perfect recipe to keep toddlers and preschoolers happy, healthy and learning through their body! The videos are fun and engaging and and can be used on-demand, whenever and where-ever you want. Created by education specialists and led by child-friendly professional dancers, our dance class videos are sure to engage and 'edu-tain' your little ones! Plus, you can feel relaxed knowing that the content has high educational value and covers many of the Early Learning Goals.

Early Learning Goals

Playing and

Children love to move their bodies and have fun! Our classes help you to create a fun and  enabling environment, where the children can explore the world through their imagination and with their bodies.

and language

The dancers label and repeat the names for different movements as they are demonstrating them – all in a fun and engaging way. A great method for children to develop their vocabulary and comprehension whilst enjoying themselves.


Physical movement is an essential part of  learning and development for children. We know that dancing to music is a great way to support this and these classes have been created to maximise the benefits.

Literacy &

Our classes supports children to develop early maths and literacy skills too. Children hear, say and ‘do’ different activities to practise and reinforce their understanding. For example positional language (forwards, backwards, infront, behind), in time, shape and space.

Creative &

There is an emphasis on creativity in these classes. We want children to do more than simply copy the actions from the videos. As well as watching and joining in, we encourage children to think for themselves, try out new ideas and invent their own moves too!

Personal, social
and emotional

Dance is a great vehicle to help children have an awareness of their thoughts and emotions. Taking part in dance activity fosters positive mental growth too. Our child-friendly dance leaders encourage children to join in and experience the joy of movement with them.

Helping Early Years settings

The need for keeping children happy, healthy and active at nursery and school is becoming more and more important. The demand Early Years professionals have to help preschoolers ‘catch up’ is high, as well as the constant push to keep them fit and active. Our video dance classes can help you to deliver a fun, engaging and educational physical development programme that supports the early learning goals. The perfect resource for Early years staff to use when ever and where ever they want! Plus all the planning has been done!

Motivating children through their imagination

As well as helping young children develop physical skills, our classes inspire them to explore their imagination and creativity too. Did you know we have create video dance classes especially for children age 2-5 years? To keep them motivated and 'edu-tained', we have designed each dance video around a fun theme.  This way the children can relate to the content by using their imagination as well as thinking about the physical movements themselves.