Develop Dance Delivery

Our Aims: 

  • To inspire staff and pupils to develop the confidence and competence to enjoy and participate in Dance and Movement for their lifetime 
  • To provide structured support and challenge to staff so that they are empowered to maximise the opportunities for developing Dance across the Curriculum and the school day. 
  • To support, guide and enable colleagues to realise their own potential and that of their colleagues.

Your school community is unique. After working in over 400 schools and with 30,000 children we understand this. We can offer you a number of different programmes, tailored to your needs, to Develop Dance Delivery across your school: 

  • 4M performance and follow up workshops with up to four classes – Movement Makes Maths Memorable programme. Working alongside colleagues with follow up CPD – face to face and subsequently online or phone. 
  • INSET or Twilight Staff Meetings as per your Whole School needs. 
  • Work with specific teachers/Year Groups over time in order to embed Dance competency – a typical model is CPD then alternate weeks where we work alongside colleagues with their children.  
  • Work with Teaching Assistants and Dinner Supervisors to help them to support and engage the children during structured/unstructured times. 
  • Bringing Everyone Together Days – we can work alongside colleagues to help bring a high-quality performance to the Whole Community. 
  • Of course you will have your own ideas and we are flexible and adaptable to ensure we can deliver them! 

Contact us now to find out how we can Develop Dance Delivery at your school:  

Our years of experience tell us that it is invaluable that our work is ‘performance focused.’ It really is highly effective at focusing the mind and creating a need! 

We help you keep children active, healthy and creative

We create bespoke packages to meet your school needs

We can work with your children and your staff to develop dance

Teaching many different dance styles and creative composition

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Our clients include, schools, LEAs, arts organisations, charities and businesses.

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