Dancing Maths for schools

We help schools to inject fun and energy into learning with our Dancing Maths live show and workshops.

This revolutionary, co-curricular learning programme is the perfect solution to inspire your pupils in maths.

You can book our live Dancing Maths show and interactive workshops as a one-off ‘wow’ day or as a half term package. This is a great way for schools to cover your PE curriculum too! Please take a look at the information below to find out more.

"The children were spellbound. They have continued to enthuse about maths ever since and will remember what they did for many years to come. Thank you"

Dancing maths Classes

During our Dancing Digits classes, children ‘stomp’ the times-tables, make number digits with their bodies, perform calculations, make a moving bar chart and more! The workshops are for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and SEN and can be booked along with the live show as a one off 'wow' day. You can also book a block of weekly classes over a term. Every class includes a dance warm up, mental maths games, learning set 'calculated' movements, creative tasks and a cool down.

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Dancing maths SHOW

This fun and engaging school maths show brings the maths curriculum alive with dance, music and voice! A team of professional dancers will demonstrate fun ways to dance about maths by performing funky routines set to up-beat music, whilst doing mathematical calculations! There are 3 shows to choose from (Early years, KS1 & KS2). Each show has been specifically design with maths content suitable for each level/age group. Special schools also find the show works really well with their pupils especially children with ASD.

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Let’s get your whole school Dancing About Maths!


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Helping children with maths anxiety

“Two million children are thought to have maths anxiety in England”

We help children to dispell their fears of maths with our fun, physical and creative activities.

Take a look at this news feature highlighting some of the benefits of our Dancing Maths programme for schools:-

What our clients say

We thoroughly enjoyed your dancers' visit and our children went home on that day totally enthused. On the back of it I managed a highly successful maths week and would not hesitate to recommend you to other maths co-ordinators and schools.
Crazies Hill Primary school, Reading
I would like to thank you and your students for a fantastic performance and workshops. We all enjoyed the most interesting and motivating  way in which you integrated Maths and Dance. Our pupils (and Teachers) certainly had a lot of fun and gained so much from this enlightening experience
Yasmin  Khalique
Middleton Primary School, Nottingham
Children from all year groups, from nursery up to year 6, found the workshops fun, engaging & educational. Their enjoyment throughout the activities and dances was obvious, and they continued to enthuse about their experiences afterwards.
Matthew Lawrence
Emmaville Primary school, Manchester

The benefits

Develop Core physical skills

Children will develop core movement skills including agility, strength, flexibility, control,  coordination, balance, rhythm, self expression, spatial awareness, musicality and more…

Mathematical intelligence

Our activities support children to develop their early mathematical intelligence. During our classes, they will experience maths themes such as number, shape, space and direction – all by bouncing around to music!

wellbeing & confidence

Our classes help children to feel good about themselves. The fun and engaging activities help to motivate children to try things for themselves and learn at their own pace.  This approach gives all children the chance to build confidence and self-esteem.

Embodied learning

Children love to move and explore the world around them with their body.  Our activities harness this natural instinct and supports children to learn through their multiple intelligences – kinesthetic, musical, spatial, visual, auditory, linguistic, logical.