pre-school classes

Classes for toddlers and preschoolers

We are delighted to be offering our revolutionary Dancing Digits classes for young children.

Following our unique formula: MOVEMENT + MUSIC + MATHS, children love joining in with our fun, physical, multi-sensory activities every week. 

These classes offer the perfect solution for parents wanting to support their child to enjoy learning, keep active and make friends with maths before they start school.

Our toddler and preschool classes, are becoming very popular and we are starting up more classes all the time.  Please see if we have classes running in your area and book your trial class now.

"The most fun and natural way to develop early mathematical intelligence"

These classes are a great introduction to early maths – the perfect way to help them become ready for school, plus there are many other benefits too. Whether you are a nursery, pre-school or parent, your children, will love these classes.

for early years settings

You can book our DANCING DIGITS classes for your nursery or pre-school. We can provide a block of sessions over a half term or full term. We can also include staff training and development too.

If your centre is interested in running sessions for parents and children in your local area, we can help you with this too – our licencing options are a great way to earn extra revenue. Enquire now!

Helping children with maths anxiety

“Two million children are thought to have maths anxiety in England”

We help children to dispell their fears of maths with our fun, physical and creative activities.

Take a look at this news feature highlighting some of the benefits of our Dancing Maths programme for schools:-