FREE IDEAS AND RESOURCES FOR children aged 3-7 years old (w/c 23rd March 2020)


Keep dancing and have fun....yipee!!!!


Hello everyone!  My name is Rebecca Hart and I am going to be adding lots of exciting dance activities on here for you.

Over the weekend, I have been working hard with some of our dance team to put together a few activities for you to do at home. This week we have made a dance warm up for you to learn and practise. Join in with the dancers and music in the first film. If you wanted to practise before doing the whole thing, the dancer in the second film talks you through all the actions slowly. You could even try and remember the routine without watching the screen, or get your parents, or other family members joining in…

Have fun…HAPPY DANCING!!!     Please re-visit us next week for more fun ideas. We will be Dancing about maths!

Dance Warm Up for ages 3-7 and SEN

Learn and remember the warm up:

Join in with music: