Witches and Wizards

22 students

‘Let’s pretend to be a wizard or witch!’ Put on your hat and cloak, dance around the cauldren and make your magic spell! An imaginative dance mime – perfect for using as a kinesthetic story telling activity.  Watch out…you may turn into a frog!

3 videos | 1 extra audio track | 10 minutes.

Learning Goals:
This dance mime is perfect for stretching their imagination and developing creative minds. Children will practise miming actions to tell a story. They will and dance around an imaginary cauldren, choose their ingredients and mix a special potion. There is magical music and quirky sound effects to accompany the action.

“A lovely active story-telling activity”.

Can be used as a warm up, a brain break or to start the day. Links to the EYFS curriculum.

Total video running time = 5:30 minutes.