Warm up with Gemma 1

14 students

A lively dance warm up with a fun and engaging backdrop. Children will join in with 3 main components –  mobilising the joints, aerobic exercise and a stretch.

1 videos  | 6 minutes.

Can be used at the start of any PE class or at home.

Recommended age 7 – 11 years

Learning goals:

Children will learn how to warm up the body safely and effectively – mobilising the joints, raising the heart rate and stretching the body in the correct order. They will learn this by joining in with and listening to the directions and extra information from the dancer.

There are 3 sections:

Section 1: Low impact actions to mobilise the joints. Including rolling the head and shoulders, swinging the arms, twisting the body and jogging on the spot.

Section 2: Aerobic, raising the heart rate. Fast jogging on the spot, jumping, going to the floor and back up.

Section 3: Stretching main muscles groups including calf muscles, quadricepts, upper body. With a gentle breathing and focussing exersise at the end.

Health and safety: Please ensure participants have a clear space around them and are wearing suitable clothing (easy to move in). This class includes lots of jumping, running on the spot and quick movements down and up from the floor.

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