Street Dance 1

21 students

A funky Street Dance course for beginners. Learn 10 different Street Dance moves from scratch and practise them to music with the dancers. There are 10 different steps to learn including: Top Rock, Criss-Cross, Roll-ins and more…

11 videos  |  29 minutes total

Learning goals:

Participants will learn and practise different Street Dance moves by following visual demonstrations and vocal instructions from the dance teachers. There is upbeat background music during the class to set an engaging environment. The teachers add in little fun remarks and teaching points in a friendly style as if there in the room with you.

These exercises can be used as a warm up or as a main activity within a dance or PE class. They are also perfect for individuals to learn at home. You can learn everything in one go, or split into short, sharp sections – to fill in whatever time you have! Each section makes the perfect energiser or brain break in a ‘sit down’ lesson. You might be amazed at their ability to concentrate better when the class sits back down again!

There are 10 Street Dance Moves to learn, each with a seperate class video. Including:

– Jump & Punch (1:00minutes)

– Criss Cross (1:44 minutes)

– Top Rock (2:24 minutes)

– Points (1:27 minutes)

– Slides (2:06minutes)

– Roll-ins (2:19 minutes)

– Funky walks (3:37minutes)

– Fists (1:57 minutes)

– Floor steps (3:32 minutes)

– Body duck (1:46 minutes)

Bonus lesson (6:29 minutes)

You will also find a BONUS LESSON in the form of a dance game. For this, participants will have to remember and perform all 10 street dance moves. A great way to get their brains thinking and recalling the things they have learnt!Let’s help get those neuron pathways sparking…

For further progression, after learning these 10 street dance moves, you can move on to the Street Dance Challenges (found in the course list)

Health and safety: Please ensure participants have a clear space around them and are wearing suitable clothing (easy to move in).