Street Dance 2 – Challenges

21 students

Using the funky Street Dance moves you have learnt in Street Dance Course 1, there are now 2 challenges to try – see if you can keep up…Then, try and remeber what you have learnt!

4 videos  |  10 minutes running time | Suggested class time 20 minutes | Prior learning: Street Dance Part 1

This course is perfect for learning as a whole class at school, as brain breaks in class or as dance delivery for indoor PE. It can also be used for learning at home. Recommended age 7 – 11 years.

Includes upbeat background music during the class to set an engaging environment. You can learn everything in one go, or split into short, sharp sections – to fill in whatever time you have.

Learning goals:

Participants will be challenged to learn, practise and remember 2 different Street Dance Routine that incorporates the 10 x different Street Dance Moves from Street Dance Part 1.  The dancer will demonstrate and explain the dance steps and motivate the participants to join in and try and remember the order for themselves.


There are 4 videos:

Challenge: Learn it forwards (1:54 minutes)

Challenge: Perform it forwards (1:25 minutes)

Super Challenge: Learn it Backwards (2:48 minutes)

Super Challenge: Perform it backwards (1:48 minutes)

You can also find a seperate music track to practise to without copying the dancers (3:20).

Total video running time: 8 minutes plus 3 minute music track.


Challenge 1: Remember and perform all the 10 Street Dance Moves in the right order and the correct number of repetitions. Starting with 1 x Body Duck, 2 x Points, 3 x Fists…….up to 10 x Funky walks!

Challenge 2: Remember and perform the Challenge 1 routine backwards without stopping! So, You need to start with 10 x Funky walks, then 9 x Jump & Punch…. all the way down to 1 Body Duck!

Gemma will show you both routines in order and you can also perform with the music with her.

The challenge is, to be able to remember both of the routines, in order, on your own without watching the video. Can you do it?


Health and safety: Please ensure participants have a clear space around them and are wearing suitable clothing (easy to move in).