Stamp, Clap and Dance in a Puddle!

9 students

‘Stamp, Clap and dance in a Puddle!’

4 x 25 minute class for Early Years and SEN.

A fun and engaging creative movement course for children aged 3-7 years and SEN.

Children can join in with the warm up, learn how to stamp and clap different rhythms, watch, learn and join in with the puddle dance and perform various stamping and clapping dances. This course includes a creative soundscape with accompanying images to give the children lots of inspiration to create their own ‘stamping in a puddle dance’ too.

These classes have been designed to help children build upon learning, giving them chance to practise and remember routines as well as learning new material in each class.

The perfect solution for Early Years Practitioners and Teaching staff that want to provide a creative dance curriculum  for their children. Simply follow the warm up, watch and learn the different dance movements with the dancers on the videos, then join in with the cool down at the end. There is extra music inspiration for the children to make up their own moves too, perfect for improvising and getting creative.