At the Beach

21 students

Let’s pretend we are at the beach! Join in with Kate and make a sandcastle, jump over the waves and have fun imagining you are at the beach. A great way for children to immerse themselves in a physical activity.

1 videos | 1 extra audio track | 5:30 minutes.

Learning Goals:
Children will stretch their imagination and explore what it might be like at the seaside. They will mime making a sandcastle, collecting water for a moat, splashing in the sea and jumping over the waves – not forgetting to put on their suncream of course! There’s also a little bit of sunbathing and relaxation at the end.

“My son enjoyed pretending he was at the beach and likes doing this activity over and over again.”

Can be used as a warm up, a brain break or to start the day. Links to the EYFS curriculum.

Total video running time = 5:30 minutes.