Let’s Jump!

21 students

Let’s Jump!

Sarah and Kate will get you bouncing like a bunny in this fun and animated class. Starting with a warm up and stretch, then a good jump around, there is also extra music for your own jumping improvisation.

5 videos | 1 extra audio track | Full class 20-25 minutes.

Learning Goals:

Children will have fun practising jumping in different ways practising bodily control. They will watch and join in with the dancers reinforcing positional language – forwards, backwards, in a circle, low, front and back. There is a mini jumping performance to watch showing lots of different ways to jump, along with jumping sound effects for them to make up their own jumping moves too! Includes a warm up and a cool down.

We expect that children will take around 5 minutes to make up their own jumping movements and improvisation as part of this class, therefore we recommend that you allow around 20 – 25 minutes to complete the full class. Or, you can complete it in stages and re-visit as often as you like.