Dancing Digits Course – Stage 1

11 students

A fun and energetic course that will get you having fun with numbers.

The main aim of this short course is for the children to have fun learning through dance and creativity.

 20 videos  |  4 x 30 minutes classes

Recommended age range: 5-8 yrs

Can be used as a brain break or warm up during a PE class, maths class or can be learnt at home. 

Learning goals:

Children will learn how to make number digits with their body

They will develop co-ordination and balance through dance warm ups and exercises

Children will carry out mental maths tasks whilst dancing

Perfect for learning across contexts – Dance and Maths

Health and safety: Please ensure participants have a clear space around them and are wearing suitable clothing (easy to move in). This class includes lots of jumping, running on the spot and quick movements down and up from the floor.