March and Wobble

41 students

‘Let’s march and wobble!

25 x minute class for Early Years and SEN.

A great dance class for children at Nursery, Early Years or with SEN. Join in with the warm up, then learn a marching routine. You can even make up your own sequence to the music provided. Don’t forget the cool down at the end too!

Learning goals:

Children will learn to move their body in time to the music using rhythm and coordination. They will watch, hear and practise positional directions – forwards, backwards, side, in a circle, up, down, fast, slow, smaller and bigger.

They will have fun wobbling their arms, legs, shoulders, hips, faces and more – great for learning the names of different body part. There is an opportunity for  children to practise their creative skills and make up their own wobbling dance too!

Length of videos and content:

Includes a simple marching routine to warm up, a wobbling exercise, creative tasks and a cool down. There are 2 audio tracks – including sound effects and music.

1:50 minute marching routine.

2:10 minute wobbling routine.

1:40 minute wobbling dance performance

2:05 minute cool down


2:45 minute wobbling sound effects audio track.

2:30 minute music track

Total video & audio running time = 14 minutes.

We expect that children will take around 5 minutes to make up their own wobbling dance routine, as part of this class and then take 5 minutes to watch each other perform their made up movements. Therefore we recommend that you allow around 20-25 minutes if you are using this class with a group of children.

The perfect solution for staff that want to provide a creative dance curriculum  for their children. Simply follow the warm up, watch and learn the different dance movements with the dancers on the videos, then join in with the cool down at the end. There is extra music inspiration to make up your own moves too – great for improvising and getting creative.