Maths Operations Dance

24 students

Have you ever hear of ‘Throwing Shapes’? Well, how about ‘Dancin the Maths’ !  Join the dancers and practise and perform actions for maths symbols: PLUS, MINUS, TIMES & DIVIDE. Inject fun and energy into learning.

2 videos  |  9:35 minutes

Recommended age range: 7-11 yrs

Can be used as a brain break or warm up during a PE class, maths class or can be learnt at home. 

Learning goals:

Participants will learn a short dance routine by watching and copying the professional dancers. Actions include making Add, Minus, Multiply and Divide maths symbols. Set to upbeat drumming and percussion music and with a Street Dance Style.

There are 2 sections:

Section 1: Includes an 8 minute teaching video. The dancers will slowly teach the actions for the short dance routine step-by-step. There are opportunities to recall and practise the movements.

Section 2: The dancers perform the routine all the way through with the music.

Health and safety: Please ensure participants have a clear space around them and are wearing suitable clothing (easy to move in). This class includes lots of jumping, running on the spot and quick movements down and up from the floor.