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Let’s have fun with MATHS where ever you are!

At school OR at home

Schools, nurseries and pre-schools are dealing with so much right now. They are in complete in limbo with how, where and what the best way is to support children to learn. Some children are at home and some are in school – all need to supporting somehow. Parents and teachers are under a huge amount of pressure to keep their children happy, active and entertained, as well as keeping up with the school curriculum in some sort of shape or form. We are here to help.

Discounted online classes

To help busy parents and teachers at this unprecedented time, we are offering our classes online. These classes are perfect if you want to keep children active and learning at the same time.

If you are looking for some inspiration and a fun and active way to learn at home, this is the perfect solution! The class instructions are easy to follow and full of ideas for children to try.

To find out more about our Dancing Maths online course, please go to the link below:

“The best thing we have done in maths ever!”  Watch course preview:

Entertainment + Education

Over the past decade, we have been edu-taining children live at their school or nursery with our revolutionary Dancing Maths curriculum and show. Children simply love the fun, practical ideas and staff always comment on the positve impact our activities have on engaging children in maths.

Our philosophy has always been to keep children happy, healthy and creative. So, amidst this unprecedented time, we have adapted parts of our curriculum to be accessed online.

You can now experience our Dancing Maths curriculum; right here, through our website.

Please have a look at the information below, to find out more…

Maths in Motion”  Watch us on Euronews:

Get started now!

To get started straight away, you can access the first free class by clicking the ‘Start free class’ button below.

You will be prompted to register with your name and email address. Please use an adult (parent/teacher/guardian) details, thankyou.

Please choose the level most suitable for your child:

Level 1: 2 – 5 yrs & SEN

Level 2: 5 – 8 yrs & SEN

*We are giving a second class for free away too for anyone that is happy to give us feedback from the first class. You can find the survey at the end of class 1.

Watch a short clip from the level 1 classes:


Perfect for SEN

School teachers and parents say that our unique, embodied-learning style helps engage children with autism. The simple instructions along with the practical demonstrations from the dancers are purposefully minimalistic and easy to follow.

“The simple instructions work really well with our autistic children” 

Alot of the activites are easily adapted to meet the needs and abilities of all children including PMLD (Profound and multiple learning difficulties).

If you would like to talk about how we can support you to work with any child using this course, please do get in touch: rebecca@dance-equation.co.uk