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Keeping children HAPPY, HEALTHY and having FUN WITH MATHS!


Dancing Maths is a revolutionary learning experience for children at school, nursery or at home. This virtual course will help you to keep your children happy, healthy and having fun with maths!  What’s more, this fun filled curriculum is guarenteed to get them up onto their feet, moving around and being creative.

Entertainment + Education

Over the past decade, we have been edu-taining children live at their school or nursery with our revolutionary Dancing Maths show, workshops and staff training. Children simply love the fun, practical ideas and staff always comment on the positve impact our activities have on engaging children in maths.

We are so excited that all children can now experience our Dancing Maths curriculum through our online classes. Please have a look at the information below, to find out more.

Maths in Motion” 

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Perfect online course for 2-8 year olds

The Dancing Maths course includes live virtual classes, with extra follow up activities for the children to continue afterwards if they want to. The course is split into 4 week blocks, with class content that builds upon learning each week.

You can choose the age and ability level appropriate for your child or class, sign up and pay for one block at a time. There is no joining fee or monthly subscriptions, you simply pay as you go.

Level 1: Suggested age range from 2-5 years and SEN. The maths themes are appropriate for very young children and content directly relates to the Early Years curriculum, set by the Department for Education.

Level 2: Suggested age range from 5-8 years and SEN. Some older children still love the course, even if the maths is a bit easy!  The maths themes relate to the Primary Key Stage 1 maths curriculum.

“My son loved making calculations with his body!” 

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Also for SEN children.

We have worked in partnership with special schools across the UK and have found that children with SEN absolutely love our physical, kinesthetic approach.

Embodied learning – help for autistic children.

School teachers and parents say that our unique, embodied-learning style helps engage children with autism. The simple instructions along with the practical demonstrations from the dancers are purposefully minimalistic and easy to follow.

“The simple instructions work really well with our autistic children” 

“Fun and easy to follow for young children”. 

Watch a short clip from the level 1 classes:


Our methodology

The way the course is structured helps children  to ‘learn by doing’ through immersive and  humanistic activities. It helps them engage with learning the way they want to – through fun, physical, creative and multi-sensory experiences.

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Level 2: 5 – 8 yrs & SEN

*We are giving a second class for free away too for anyone that is happy to give us feedback from the first class. You can find the survey at the end of class 1.

“The best maths show we have ever had in school”.

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