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Course Overview

The structure for each class follows the same pattern – always starting with a movement warm up, set routines, dancing-maths activities, and a cool down to finish. Some classes include fun games and creative tasks too.

We have designed each class to last for approximately 20 – 30 minutes in level 1 and 30 – 60 minutes in level 2. However, the class duration can be adapted to suit each child or group of of children according to their attention span.

The classes are suitable for large groups, small groups, partner-work and one-to-one learning. This course is also great for learning at home independently. You can use the classes as a starter for a maths lesson, as a PE class or lunchtime and after-school clubs. Early years settings find the activities a great way to inspire children first thing in the morning and after lunch.

Class content

The Dancing Maths course includes videos with practical demonstrations from our dancers, written instructions, music tracks and downloadable teaching resources.

Follow the instructions. There will be a combination of videos, music, notes and downloads for each activity. Children can watch the dancers demonstrating the activities and join in as you repeat the video; or, they might want to join in with the dancers straight away. As extra reading practise, the may even like to read the notes and try and work out the moves before watching the videos – the choice is yours!

“My son loved making calculations with his body!” 

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Child-centered learning

We love the fact that children can be in charge of their own learning with this online course. The classes can be  adapted to meet the needs, ability and even mood of the participants. 

Children thrive learning together

Some of the activities require working with a partner and the course is structured to include input from a parent, teacher, friend or sibling. Recent research in neuroscience reveals that young children thrive on having opportunities to learn with others through sociable, engaging activies.

Independent thinking

“Much more than simply copying the actions on the screen”.

There are hundreds of dance videos out there that are great for keeping children fit and active, but they do not inspire participants to think for themselves or be creative.

We set different challenges along with creative and problem solving tasks too for extra fun! This gets those little brains thinking and learning independently – an important 21st century skill.

Maths in Motion” 

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“Fun and easy to follow for young children”. 

Help pre-schoolers get ready for school.

This Dancing Maths course is a great way to support your children to be ‘school ready’.

The fun-filled, active activities are the perfect introduction to early maths themes such as counting, shape, pattern, sequencing. All delivered in a practical and immersive way.

Our methodology helps children embed new information – this helping them to remember and recall what they have learnt. If a child’s first few experiences of maths are happy and fun, they are much more likely to have the mindset to build upon their maths knowledge and understanding in the future.

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To get your children started right away, the first class in each level is free. You can access the free class by clicking the button below.

You will be prompted to register with your name and email address. Please use an adult (parent/teacher/guardian) details, thankyou.

Please choose the level most suitable for your child:


Level 1: 2 – 5 yrs & SEN

Level 2: 5 – 8 yrs & SEN

*We are giving a second class for free away too for anyone that is happy to give us feedback from the first class. You can find the survey at the end of class 1.