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Primary Age

Age 5-11yrs

*Suitable for children aged 5-11 years old and for children with Special Educational Needs.
*Creative dance classes, short courses, warm up and cool down exercises.
*Can be used to cover indoor PE classes (dance). Suitable for KS1 and KS2 children.
*Can be used to run a school lunch or after school club. Also perfect to use for holiday clubs, Brownie badges and activities.

Choose a class:


Let’s pretend it’s Bonfire Night! A creative dance mime activity for young children. Join in with Kate and pretent you are watching a firework display.

4 videos | 16:19 mins | £5.00**

Street Dance Part 1 – Learn the moves

A funky Street Dance course for beginners. Learn 10 different Street Dance moves from scratch and practise them to music with the dancers.

11 videos  |  29 mins total | 7 – 11 yrs + SEN | £FREE

Maths Operations Dance:

Have you ever hear of ‘Throwing Shapes’? Well, how about ‘Dancin the Maths’ !  Join the dancers and practise and perform actions for maths symbols: PLUS, MINUS, TIMES & DIVIDE. Inject fun and energy into learning.

2 videos  |  9:35 mins | 7 – 11 yrs + SEN | £5.00
Warm up with Gemma:

A lively dance warm up with a fun and engaging backdrop. Children will join in with 3 main components –  mobilising the joints, aerobic exercise and a stretch.

1 videos  | 8 mins | 7-11 yrs + SEN | £4.00


Did you know that taking part in dance activity has so many benefits for young children?

Physical movement is an essential part of early learning and development for children. We know that dancing to music is a great way to support this and these classes have been created to maximise the benefits.


Do you value opportunities for children to practise being creative and imaginative as well as keeping fit?

As well as helping young children develop physical skills, our classes inspire them to explore their imagination and creativity too – the perfect online learning opportunity.