creative dance classes
children 5-11 yrs

In Your School

These online dance classes are the perfect solution for parents and teachers looking for fun and engaging online dance activities for their children.

Our action packed, virtual dance classes are the perfect recipe to keep your children happy, healthy and learning through dance! Children can learn a street dance, dance like an animal and lots more!

perfect for home and at school

Happy, Healthy & Active kids

The need for keeping children happy, healthy and active at school is becoming more important – especially with the new circumstances we are all now facing.

This is the perfect resource if you are looking to deliver dance as part of the curriculum, or, as an extra-curricular activity or simply for an individual to learn at home.

Fun and Engaging content

As a leading dance provider with over 25 years of experience working directly in schools, our online dance courses are of the highest standard and we know how to make dance engaging for everyone.

Each course has been produced with the participants in mind, giving clear demonstrations, examples and fun and creative content, along with inspiring  music.

Motivating them through creativity

To keep pupils motivated and ‘edu-tained’, we have designed each dance course around a fun and creative theme.  This way the children can relate to the content by using their imagination as well as thinking about the physical movements themselves. 

Helping schools to deliver cost effective dance

We can be your virtual outside, dance provider. With school budgets tightening, and with schools looking for alternatives to bringing outside providers in, these on-demands virtual classes are the perfect, cost effective solution.

We have had years of experience in teaching dance and PE as part of the National Curriculum and these videos include some of the content we have delivered directly in Primary schools over the past 20 years. You can even ask us to lead a live virtual class with your pupils too! Please contact us to find out more.

The benefits of dance

Did you know that taking part in dance activity has so many benefits for young children? Physical movement is an essential part of learning and development for children. We know that dancing to music is a great way to support this and these classes have been created to maximise the benefits.

Do you value opportunities for children to practise being creative and imaginative as well as keeping fit? As well as helping young children develop physical skills, our classes inspire them to explore their imagination and creativity too – the perfect online learning opportunity.