Level 1

Age 2-5 yrs

*Suitable for children aged 2-5 years old and for children with Special Educational Needs.
*Simple actions represented in a fun and creative way.
*Can be used in Nurseries, Preschools, Foundation Stage and in Special Schools.
*The classes are also perfect for family learning at home.

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March and Wobble

Recommended age/level: 2-5 yrs

Join Kate and Sarah in this bright and cheerful class. March like a soldier, wobble like jelly, join in with the dancers and make up your own moves! A great way to keep fit and be creative!

4 videos | 2 extra audio tracks | Full class 20 minutes

Let’s Jump!

Sarah and Kate will get you bouncing like a bunny in this fun and animated class. Starting with a warm up and stretch, then a good jump around, there is also extra music for your own jumping improvisation.

4 videos | 1 extra audio track | Full class 20 minutes.

Happy Warm Up 1

A cheerful movement warm up to give you the ‘Happy’ factor. Join Sarah with this fun and engaing wake and shake dance activity. The perfect way for children to start the day or energise themselves after sitting down. A quick and easy way to add in physical activty into the day.

1 videos |  2:30 minutes.

Stamp, Clap and Jump in a Puddle!
Full Course – 4 x classes

A fun and engaging creative movement course for age 3-7 years and SEN. Children will learn different stamping and clapping rhythms, pretend they are splashing in puddles and lots more! The audio-visual stimuli will help them to imagine they are outside in nature, playing and jumping in puddles, inspiring them to create their own routine.

28 videos | extra visio-audio tracks | 4 x 25 minutes classes


Let’s pretend it’s Bonfire Night! A creative dance mime activity for young children. Join in with Kate and pretent you are watching a firework display.

Currently being created…

8 videos |  2 x 20 minute classes.

Witches and Wizards:

‘Let’s pretend to be a wizard or witch!’ Put on your hat and cloak, dance around the cauldren and make your magic spell! An imaginative dance mime – perfect for using as a kinesthetic story telling activity.  Watch out…you may turn into a frog!

1 videos | 1 extra audio track | 5:30 minutes.

At the Beach:

Let’s pretend we are at the beach! Join in with Kate and make a sandcastle, jump over the waves and have fun imagining you are at the beach. A great way for children to immerse themselves in a physical activity.

1 videos | 1 extra audio track | 5:30 minutes.

Rolling Fun!
2 x 25 minute classes

2 x 20 minutes classes

Children will watch and learn how to complete lots of differnt rolls on the floor. They will learn the safe and correct way to perform the Pencil Roll, Tuck Roll, Teddy Bear Roll, Fan Roll and lots more. They will roll from standing, sitting and lying down. Children will also try rolling different body parts in the warm up and even sing along with Sarah as she rolls her arms and sings ‘Wind The Bobbin up’ ! 

11 videos | 3 extra audio tracks | 2 x 25 minutes classes

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Did you know that taking part in dance activity has so many benefits for young children?

Physical movement is an essential part of early learning and development for children. We know that dancing to music is a great way to support this and these classes have been created to maximise the benefits.


Do you value opportunities for children to practise being creative and imaginative as well as keeping fit?

As well as helping young children develop physical skills, our classes inspire them to explore their imagination and creativity too – the perfect online learning opportunity.