Bringing Everyone Together

Is there a better way to bring everyone together than through a dance performance? 

Classmates, follow Schoolmates, Staff, Parents, Carers, Governors and the wider Community can all be part of: 

  • Celebrating learning –e.g. Science week; Dance like an Egyptian, Trotting Tudors, World of the Worlds, Decades of the 20th Century through dance. 
  • Sharing Success or milestones – e.g. Dancing for Pudsey, School Leavers Assembly, School Anniversary. 
  • Promoting diversity – e.g. Chinese New Year, Diwali, Black History Month, African Dance, Square Dance 
  • Promoting Inclusion – e.g. Celebration of children with severe Special Educational Needs joining in alongside their peers. 
We help you keep children active, healthy and creative

We create bespoke packages to meet your school needs

We can work with your children and your staff to develop dance

Teaching many different dance styles and creative composition

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Our clients include, schools, LEAs, arts organisations, charities and businesses.

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