Animals Dance Class 5:

Snake and Performance

1. Join in with the warm up in the video. Or do your own warm up using the music below:

1. Mobilising the joints – swinging, circling, arms legs, body, shoulders, head…
3. Stretching arms, legs, back, slowly, gently. No bouncing. Breath and focus.

2. Learn the Snake section:

3. Go through the whole Animals Dance from the beginning in slow motion:

4. Watch the dancers perform the whole Animals Dance with music in the first video, then join in with them in the second video:

4. Try and remeber and perform the Animals Dance all the way through on yoour own without copying the dancers in the video.

Here is the music:

5. If you have time, you can create your own snake movements up using the music track below:

You can perfrom your sequence to the rest of the class or someone at home.

6. Stretch and cool down by using the music below and your own movements, or follow the video.

Slow stretches, coordination, gentle movements, breathing.

That's the end of the class.

You have completed the full Animals Dance Course - well done!

If you want to, you can put all of your own animal dance sequences together with the Animal Dance you have learnt and do an Animals Show!