Animals Dance Class 4:

Chicken and Crocodile:

1. Do a warm up:

You can make up your own warm up using the music tracks provided. Make sure you include the 3 main parts of a warm up:-

1. Mobilise the joints – bending, circling, swinging the arms, legs and body parts…
2. Aerobic section. Get the heart rate beating – jogging, jumping, jumping jacks…
3. Stretch – slowly, gently, never bounce. Hamstrings, calf muscles, quadricepts, upper body, arms…

Or, join in with Gemma in the video below:

2. Learn the Chicken section:

3. Learn the Crocodile section:

4. Create your own animal movements up using the music tracks below.

You can perform your new animal dance moves to the rest of the class, or someone at home.

5. Stretch and cool down. You can join in with the video, or do your own stretches and breathing exercises with this music:

Focus the mind and body, balancing, coordination, gentle stretching and slow breathing to finish.

That's the end of the class.

-What do you know and what else can you find out about Chickens and Crocodiles?

-What are the main 3 things you need to include in a dance warm up?