Movement makes life memorable

Movement makes life memorable


With next years curriculum in mind…

Exercise is essential to healthy development but that isn’t the full story. Frequency of movement (rather than just sitting still for long periods) is now believed to be just as important than just an hour in a P.E. Lesson. It helps children gain greater control of their bodies, makes them stronger, faster and helps with sleep too.

At Dance Equation we have witnessed the benefits that moving frequently rather than ‘sitting still’ over many years can have on a child.

Mental Wellbeing, physical development and mood enhancement are just some of these benefits but there are many more:

It builds confidence

There is no doubt that children naturally have endless energy and boundless enthusiasm for movement when the constraints of modern society – Health and Safety; ‘sit still and don’t break anything!’, ‘you are in the way again!’ are removed. They can be who they really are and become ‘happy in their own skin’. Do your children have the opportunity to regularly explore and develop their own movement in different contexts?

Movement makes them more sociable

Children who are given permission and the opportunity to more will naturally begin to explore their bodies in open and narrow spaces and, of course, invite others to move with them in a variety of role play or structured games. This exposes them to setting boundaries, conflict resolution, empathy and care for others, learning to resolve conflicts and of course FUN!

It boosts memory

Scientists in Spain have discovered that children that move frequently (play, dance, run etc.) develop larger brains due to increased blood flow, develop larger amounts of grey matter (where memories are believed to be stored) and these benefits can last a lifetime. Also it is never too late for a child to become frequently active – their bodies and brains can quickly adapt.

Did you know……. 

A decade ago, Dance Equation developed a detailed scheme of work, supported by music and video, for younger children to follow that is underpinned by the core principles outlined by the article above. We call it the 4M – Music Makes Maths Memorable. It has been used extensively across the country by Primary and Special schools with great success at engaging and inspiring pupils. 

If you and your children wish to be inspired to ‘’shake a leg” or go all out and ‘street dance’ then contact me Rebecca at Dance Equation.